Friday, January 8, 2010

Monarchy in Nepal

Monarchy in Nepal
The history of Nepal is inseparable with its monarchy. Monarchy is a form of government where the King is the executive head of the government with or without a people elected government to support it. The history of Nepal, since years, has revolved around the two warring dynasties namely Shahs and Ranas. The former were the one who united the nomads to form a nation that is now known as Nepal. Ranas were the one who usurped the kingdom in the later years. The bloodbath between the two dynasties and the incidents such as Kot massacre will go down as the black chapters in the history of Nepal. Later, both these dynasties came in to matrimonial alliance and buried their hatched. This alliance is reflected on the flag of Nepal too. The two triangular portions of the flag represent the two dynasties. The most illustrious king in the history of Nepal was Tribhuwan Bir Vikram Shah. The king was said to be pro-people and pro-development and initiated many reforms for the masses. No wonder, most of the buildings in Nepal are named after the monarch. His only son Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah followed him. Mahendra Bir Bikram had modern ideas in his kitty and it was he, who first blew the wind of change.

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