Friday, January 8, 2010

Nepal Travel Tips

Nepal Travel Tips
Nepal is a big country if you compare it with the ones in Central and Eastern Europe and Indo-China region. It has vivid features and it is safe to ponder on a fact or two before visiting this mesmerizing place. Traveling tips for Nepal will tell you about various aspects and features of Nepal. Try and spend some time going through these tips, they might prove handy to you.First of all, Nepal has a vivid relief. The Northern and Eastern part is completely covered by the grater Himalayas while the southern part is Tarai or field. The temperature varies according to the relief. In the Northern areas, it can dip as low as -5 C in winters while in the Southern Tarai areas, summers are as hot as 45 c. Try to bring clothes according to your visit plan and season. If you are on for trekking then bring some really warm clothes. Start with Cavanders trekking suits and keep good gloves as well. For Tarai, light cotton clothes will do. In terms of communication, Kathmandu, the capital city is well connected to the rest of the world by Air service. Regular flights are available from major cities from Eurasia and Americas. As for the local transport your best bet are cabs. These radio cabs are very comfortable and are good for local as well as long distance tours. If you are less on cash then opt for buses. There are quite a few luxury buses and they ply on normally all the major routes.

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