Monday, November 23, 2009


Walking was no longer just a stroll in the wilds, and a host of new terms and expressions was born. Nowadays, people go hiking,trailing and backpacking all over the world.High on ridged peaks,mountaineers traversa,in canyons or gorges,individuals dabble in canyoneering or kloofing,clamber on all fours up a steep scree slope and you are elevated into the realm of scrambling, follow a route hugging the coastline and you'll be pleased to know that you are coasteering.we will share a primar on hiking and backing so that you may consider adding it to your list a activites.The American hiking society lists many benefits to hiking.They state that hiking can stem heart disease,decrease hypertension by dilating blood vessels,decrease cholesterol levels while increasing HDL(the good cholestrol),decrease weight by burning caleroies, slow the ageing process by "using it so you don't lose it" and prevent the ageing of the immune system. Hiking also improves osteoporosis by improving bone density, improves and mentions mental health by producing calming brain chemical called endorphins, which are mild tranqulizers, and improves the air we breath by replacing short car trips with non-polluting walking. Hiking is said to improve arthins by strengthening leg muscles. so hiking form healthy habits for a healthy life. However, hiking in a natural setting will add to the please of walkiny by offering sights, sounds and smells of our wilderness areas.

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