Monday, November 30, 2009

Teaching As A Profession

Teaching As a Profession
Teaching is stimulation guidance, direction and encouragement of learning. Teaching is not a mechanical process. It is an intricate, exacting and challenging job. It is more than standing before a class and applying a few specific technique. The first principle of true teaching is that nothing can be taught. The teacher is not an instructor or task master. He is helper and a guide. His business is to suggest and o impress profession is an occupation based upon specialized intelluctial study and tranning. The purpose of which is to supply skill service or advise to other for definite fee or salary. The essential feature of a profession are that it involve from science and learning thus a profession possesses an educationally communicable technique, Tends towards self organization and is becoming increasinlly attruistise in nature.
Major factor that contributed teaching to be developed as a profession:-
1-Application of psychological theory in teaching activities.
2-Dvelopment of education as a disciplane.
3-Research of a new ideas thought in teaching.
4-Social responsibility.
5-Direction to profession.
6-Social faith
7-code of conduct
8-effect of natural organization.
9-Effect of international organization.

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