Tuesday, November 24, 2009

World Highest Mt.Everest

World Highest Mt.Everest
Nepal is small country but there are different unbelievable things. There are many mt. everest like sagarmatha, makalu, kenchanjunga, machapuchura, manaslu, dhaulagiri etc. Among them sagarmatha is one of the most beautiful and the bigest mt everest in the world with the entire park located above 3,000 m ( 9,700 ft). This park includes three peaks higher than 8,000 m, including Mt Everest. Therefore, most of the park area is very rugged and steep, with its terrain cut by deep rivers and glaciers. Unlike other parks in the plain areas, this park can be divided into four climate zones because of the rising altitude. The climatic zones include a forested lower zone, a zone of alpine scrub, the upper alpine zone which includes upper limit of vegetation growth, and the Arctic zone where no plants can grow. The types of plants and animals that are found in the park depend on the altitude.

The Sagarmatha National Park is one of the most beautiful places on earth, especially in summer. After the first monsoon rains in June, different kinds of plant grow rapidly. The hillsides become green and different varieties of flowers start blooming, and butterflies of myriad species appear in different colors.
Tourist from different countries come to visit sagarmatha. People who are the lover of the adventure comes to climb the mount everest. They take the permission from the government and pay some tax for it and go for the adventure tour of the mount everst.

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