Wednesday, December 9, 2009

House meet put off on maoist plea

House meet put off on maoist plea:-
Third meeting of the fifth session of the parliament was postponed today after unified-CPN maoist sought time of address the demand put forth day several parties including coalition partner CPN-UML and the main opposition party, the Nepali congress.
Speaker subas Nembang postponed the house meet till 3pm on minister kamal dahal his srrival from Norway and finland visit said,"I'll initiate talks with other parties about making the House session smooth and regular."
We were ready for the house meeting ut,maoist chief whip post bahadur Bogati requested the major parties to postponed today's meeting to hold consultations with other parties about running the house smoothly,"said Nepali congress chief whip Laxman Prasad Ghimire.
"we'll decide whether to let yhe house run or not assessing the government's progress report on PM's commitments on our nin points emand,"said Ghimire.
The UML has sai it would not let the house run until the CPN-maoist handed over Sujit,the district in-charge of young communist league of Rupendehi, who was allegedly involved in the murder of UMLcadre prachanda Thaiba, to yhe police.
Earlier no business was conucted during the two meeting of fifth seasion that began on march 29. the first meeting concluded after passing a condolence proposal on the death of two lawmakers.
The second meeting was postpond till today after the political parties, in cluding CPN-UML and NC,threatened to disrupt the house until the government took action against the killer of UML cards Thaiba and came up with a concrete progress report about the PM's commitements made to the parliament.

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