Friday, December 4, 2009

sport in nepal

Nepal Sport Tours in Nepal

Nepal is also popular for Sport tourism such as golfing in Kathmandu, paragliding in Pokhara and Marathon Sky Race in the mountain region, Mountain Bike and Motor cycle tours, Everest Marathon Race, Elephant Polo, International Elephant Race Competition, White Water Rafting Competition, Canoeing Competition etc.
Adventure Silk Road Inc has been in tourism business since more then two decades specializing in Nature, Culture and Adventure Sports Tourism in Nepal. With the thrills of outdoor activities Nepal also offers city fun for its visitors. While visitors enjoy the rustic by simply beholding spectacular sights and partaking in the activities of exotic cultures, in cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara some entertainment is on par with western world.
Visitors have a choice from a potpourri of amusements. They can: partake in cultural shows that include theater and local art; wine and dine at premier hotels that provide excellent service; enjoy music and dance at newly-opened discotheques; try a luck at rummy or blackjack at one of our casinos; or just watch a movie as cozy twosome in one of our movie theaters.
International Elephant Race Competition Nepal
Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon Nepal
Elephant Polo Tournament Nepal
Please contact us for 15 days Tenjin - Hillary Everest Marathon Competition occurring on the occasion of Everest Summit day starting on 29th May 2010.

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