Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wildlife in Nepal

Wildlife in Nepal
The Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, blessed by mother nature with rich and diverse biogeography has several national parks, sanctuaries and reserves brimming with wildlife. Nepalese landscape has altitudinal variance in short distances. This means that the country has variety of vegetation, from luxuriant vegetation and alpine deserts to lush grasslands. It is endowed with rich and varied biodiversity. Altitudinal variances in short distance give Nepal's biogeography variety that range from lush moist forests and sparse alpine deserts to luxurious grasslands in lowland Terai. Some rare wild life creatures reside in the jungles of the Himalayan nation.
Bird Parks
Concentration of bird species in Asia is surprising. Few other countries in Asia have such variety. The Himalayan country straddles two of planet's best bird zone, which are Lolarctic to the north, and Oriental to the south.
Protected Species
Endangered and protected species you can see on your wildlife safari tour are as following:Tiger, Snow Leopard, Wild Elephant, Rhino, Brown Bear, Clouded Leopard, Red Panda, Gangetic Dolphin, Wolf, Giant horn-bill, Swamp deer, Wild yak, Nayan, Black buck, Pangolin, Saras Crane, Four horned antelope, Tibetan antelope, Impean Pheasant, Python, Gharial, Indian bustard, Musk deer pigmy hog, Asamese Macaque, Haspd hare

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