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parsa khadka named national

Paras Khadka named national captain
By November 11, 2009 2009, ACC Event, General, Senior, Twenty20, U A E
Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) named Paras Khadka as the national captain for the ACC Twenty20 Elite Cup. All-rounder Paras, 23, will replace Binod Das to become eighth cricketer ever to lead the national team.
“We decided to change the leadership since it’s a new format of the game,” chief selector Arun Aryal said. “Since Nepal’s performance is not very good, we hope that new thoughts of new captain may change things.”
According to Aryal, Paras is a good all-rounder and that he would be able to assess all departments better.
Nepal will take on Malaysia on November 22 at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium – the first match under Paras’ leadership. Nepal’s performance in last ACC Twenty20 was forgettable and the UAE event in November will be test for Paras’ captaincy.
“For now, he is captain for the ACC Twenty20 event,” Aryal said.
CAN also announced the 14-member squad for the event. The team includes Binod, Parash Lohani – two former national captains along with two debutants – Binod Bhandari and Naresh Budayair.
Others in the team are Mehboob Alam, Sanjam Regmi, Paresh Lohani, Dipendra Chaudhary, Gyanendra Malla, Sarad Vesawkar, Shakti Gauchan, Basant Regmi, Amrit Bhattarai and Mahesh Chhetri.
Rahul Kumar BK, Ajay Rajbanshi and Chandar Sawad are named as alternatives.
The team will be managed by Naresh Kumar Shrestha while Roy Luke Dias will be the coach. Manjur Alam Khan has been named Dias’ deputy.
Paras had captained Nepali youth teams twice – U-17 in 2004 when Nepal played in the ACC U-17 in India and U-19 in 2007 when Nepal won the ACC U-19 Elite Cup in 2007 and finished plate runners-up in the Youth World Cup in Malaysia a year later.
Paras has played 30 international matches for senior team scoring 630 runs at an average of 30 and had taken 27 wickets at an average of 16.44.
Binod led Nepal for four years after taking over from Paresh in 2005. Although Nepal had been successful in winning three-day event – the ACC Premier League 2006 – it had a lackluster performance in other events.
Under Binod, Nepal failed to proceed beyond semifinals in the two international tournaments played last year. In the last year’s Division -5 tournament held in Jersey, Nepal was confined to the third place which shattered Nepal’s hope to play in the 2011 World Cup. Likewise, Nepal remained fourth in the ACC Trophy held in Malaysia where UAE had shattered Nepal’s dream to play Asia Cup.
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18 Comments on Paras Khadka named national captain
Aamir Akhtar on Wed, 11th Nov 2009 5:00 pm
Why only captain?
Well the selectorshave decided to name a new captain coz this is under their easy control.
Why the CAN is not brave enough to change our national coach Roy Dias who has not been able to bring any high success for senior teams. Its always easy to play with players but not with management or coach.
If Nepal needs to perform to the top level then remember its always the team effort whether by players or by coaching management.
Roy Dias is not effective for T20 format as he is not an innovative coach anymore. The time has come for a coach change as well to uplift Nepali cricket.
Kushal Tuladhar on Wed, 11th Nov 2009 6:50 pm
Its the correct decision made by CAN. The change is for the better of Cricket and i feel we desperately need some change and this is a positive step.May we see some thing new now …Cheers and all the best wishes for him and NEPAL Cricket..
Kushal Tuladhar on Wed, 11th Nov 2009 6:56 pm
A change in the leadership has come and a new era might have begun but we need to work on more things such as infrastructure development and most important a fresh COACH. I guess Nepali Cricketers have learned much with ROY DIAS but its the time of change. We need newer things to support as i guess the present coach is an old machine we must look forward for a new an more effective one …. why not we get one from INDIA if we are concerned about our batting more….
Time to change for better …
Bardan Chalise on Wed, 11th Nov 2009 9:28 pm
Nothing is going to change until Nepal plays more domestic cricket.
Bardan Chalise on Wed, 11th Nov 2009 9:37 pm
I played for Nepal several years and still follow all the games which Nepal plays. I always wanted to see Nepal reaching to international cricket and tried my best. Cricketers need to play more domestic cricket. How many domestic games do our cricketers play in a year?? How many times do they travel around to play friendly matches?? Null. They do not do that at all.
We always lack in batting because our players are not exposed to different wicket and different bowlers. Nepal can be led by Paras, Binod, Paresh or anyone else, it does not matter. What matters is when we are going to reach the landmark on playing international cricket. We are just playing blaming games stating that the captain was not good or something else.
Youth cricketer always perform because player playing U-15 keep playing for several years to perform in U-19. When it comes to senior players, there is not much activity on games. It is my personal feeling. When i was playing U-19, i was in a close camp for about 6 months and my performance level went rocket high. Then joined the senior team and we did not even practice for about 3 months. My performance level dropped down right there. That is what has happened in the past.
Also, cricketer are leaving the country looking for better opportunities since cricketers are not getting paid anything. They need to get paid to play all the time so bring there performance level to 100%.
Aamir Akthar: Thank you so much for getting the new academy in Nepal. At least our players can keep playing there to keep there touch.
Kushal Tualdhar on Thu, 12th Nov 2009 12:40 pm
I totally agree with Bardan’s points. I also was a part of domestic circuit when i played for Morang and Purwanchal. We just had some days of practice before the big tournaments. The domestic games happens to be a tournament lasting no more than 10 days. Just 2 to 3 matches in the league and you are out for a long break again. The 2 day tournament which was introduced in Birgunj lasted for couple of matches and the format was totally wiped out.
We rarely get to see the next team for a year. Games happen once in a blue moon and when it starts it ends within a week. That’s where we are lagging behind.
Cricketers have been leaving Nepal for studies and overseas jobs. This is because we don’t have facilities, we don’t play too often, we don’t have any opportunity, No money factor, No job security…. Nothing..
sanjeev lama on Thu, 12th Nov 2009 5:19 pm
So finally, the national selectors have zeroed in on Paras Khadka and entrusted him the mantle of Senior Cricket Teams’ Captaincy. I reckon there was no better choice once Binod Das has had showed reluctance in continuing with the captaincy. Although it took some time to decide on captaincy matter, it is now settled for the better. Paras Khadka, a top flight performer and thorough professional in his job knows well how to rise to the occasion and lead from the front. Agreed, senior cricket team has not had achieved any worthwhile for quite a while, but it is not that the players have not given their best. There are many reasons which every cricket follower in Nepal is aware of. So I think; it is best to leave the past and look forward up to upcoming challenges. The players need to goad themselves up and prove to the world, they can give their best and achieve kudos setting aside any doubts. I agree we lack infrastructure, proper playing facilities, tournaments, etc. However, we have to assess our ground reality and try to squeeze out optimal opportunities from whatever facilities are available.Besides, it is heartening to see comments coming forth from cricketers like Bardan Chalise, Amir Akhtar and Kushal Tuladhar. Since they have played cricket in Nepal and deeply know the shortcomings of our Nepali cricket set-up, a time to time thought-provoking comments from such like-minded cricketers would play a catalyst role and compel responsible persons to act for the betterment of the game. Moreover, it would be nice if like-minded players provide suggestions and advices for the development of cricket in Nepal in a constructive manner.Nowadays, frustrations galore everywhere for lack of opportunities especially; those who really want to excel in any competitive domains. Having said this, I can just hope with the help and support of all cricket lovers’ constant prodding would awaken the deep slumbered KUMBAKARNAS to do overhauling for the overall development of cricket in Nepal.
This mantra for Paras Khadka and boys – Believe in your strength, enjoy your role, and play with heart, mind and soul. BEST OF LUCK FOR ENVIABLE SUCCESS….
Aamir Akhtar on Thu, 12th Nov 2009 11:59 pm
Thanks for the appreciation Bardan. Ironically not much people from Nepal and CAN sent me official appreciation yet but yes feels great to have it from you all the way from U.S.
Cheers and Keep in touch
Bardan Chalise on Fri, 13th Nov 2009 12:29 am
CAN –annual budget of Rs. 68,213,244; Rs 32,400,000 for infrastructure development, Rs. 19,683,190 for national leagues, sports equipment purchase and administrative costs, Rs. 16,130,054 will be spent for international participation and event hosting.CAN has requested for Rs. 15,112,500 for infrastructure development with ACC; Rs. 4,598,000 for the ICC World Cricket League Division 5 with Nepal Government and Rs. 3,300,000 for participation in SAG with National Sports Council
This is a matter of concern. Looks at the amounts and see the activities. Null.
infrastructure development: We have one cricket stadium and we know how is the wicket.Sports equipment: we have 2 old bowling machines. Player do not even get a full kit. Just a Kit bag.National League: One national league. CAN do not organize any other tournaments. And no one else is organizing any tournaments as well.International Participation: HAHHAAHHA. JOKE. Once in a blue moon.
I know the boys have potential but they need to see the security and money to get Nepal to ODI level. We need to see new faces. Good luck to Paras. He played under me in domestic cricket and i know guy is talented. But we saying that they will do good will not gonna make that happen. Its a regular practice that will give them more confidence and tours will give them exposures. We cannot blame Coach Roy since he is not the one who will make tournaments happen. Its CAN who need to Organize these games and facilitate cricketers.
Aamir: Of course i will appreciate you since you started a academy for the players to play in a regular basis which was suppose to do by CAN. Keep it up Aamir. I wish i can come back and support you in this. I will be back next year for a while and it will going to be a mess. I will definitely raise my voice. I had enough.
Mukesh Jha on Fri, 13th Nov 2009 1:50 am
I totally agree with Bardan that Nepal should organize more domestic level games which will help players to improve themselves and gives something to be involved, nothing can be better than playing cricket the full years for the cricket players. I think there must be some shorts of politics going around when selecting the players for the national level team. You can’t just pick someone because they might be your relatives. It has to be done performance wise.Play more cricket and be ready can be the only solution for Nepali team for now.KindlyMukesh Jha(USA)720-352-7716
Bardan Chalise on Fri, 13th Nov 2009 4:38 am
Mukesh,There is no politics on selecting the players. In fact, there is no players left. If there are no tournaments, you will never see new faces. We will have few games and based on that the players are selected. We need to see a yearly performance of players to get them in the National Squad. Lot of player have left the country such as Kanishka, Raj Kumar Pradhan, Bantu Bataju, Me myself and many more because there no games for us. If we want our country to do better, we need emerging player. Competition should be there. There is no one to replace Binod. He is one of our best seamer and if he is out sick, who will take his place. Who will open the bowling for Nepal.
Since Kanishka has left, Nepal has not been able to find a solid opener. Who know how many player are thinking of leaving the country right now looking for new opportunities. If Shakti gets a good offer to play in UK, he will say bye bye Nepal. I heard sometime back that Mehaboob is trying abroad. Paresh is looking forward to carry his studies abroad. I wish to see Nepal in International ODI but the way we are going, i cannot see this happening.
rupak on Fri, 13th Nov 2009 11:02 am
i am totally agree with all f you coz of future of player. i played some national level college level game. i scored alot of runs for my side as an opener but i decid to go other country ,if i get a chance. i was looking to get spot in national, unfortinutely i know the condition of nepali cricket, then i resilezed that not to play from national team. i know we loss alot of talent like our senior baradan ,kaniska ,bantu ,ratan ,raj kumar lot of player due to economical condition of nepali’s cricket . yes baradan bro iam looking forward like you. this is not a time to play cricket for country but secure future of ownself , then play cricket for nepal
rr on Fri, 13th Nov 2009 11:11 am
i am totally agree with all f you coz of future of player. i played some national level college level game. i scored alot of runs for my side as an opener but i decid to go other country ,if i get a chance. i was looking to get spot in national, unfortinutely i know the condition of nepali cricket, then i resilezed that not to play from national team. i know we loss alot of talent like our senior baradan ,kaniska ,bantu ,ratan ,raj kumar lot of player due to economical condition of nepali’s cricket . yes baradan bro iam looking forward like you. this is not a time to play cricket for country but secure future of ownself , then play cricket for nepal
rupak on Fri, 13th Nov 2009 12:01 pm
i am really proud with bardan chalise da. we have alit of talent but we are failer to recognised that kind of player coz of not organise domestic game. yes da i played U19 national level game. and i used that oppertunity so welly. i scored alot of runs for my sides in selection match of u19 tournament was goinging to held ktm. but they didnt pick me coz of politices inside the cricketing area. i having the to play for my country in up coming tournament WCL division 5 going to held in nepal, but this shouldnt be complet coz of no more selection game going to held.all of nepalies cricket fan are hopeless from the these boys. they will be fail to get sucess in ACC T20 match . they have not confidence theriselves to win this that tournament .i met paras khadka before he was been nepali caption. he told me we hve not much confidence to win this tournament . and also i met sanjam regme, he opened his heart and said htat he wasnt paid for his work when he played game ago 7 years .iam really hope less from CAN . if i wil get chance to be natinnal team , i will do something for my team . i palye some cricket from india . i have been playing indian B division level cricket since 2 years. iscored alot of century during this period. i was offered by indian ranji team tahat is dhilli ranji team. but i want to play from my country but i didnt get chance. i have confidence to proofe myself. i can score runs against big team. iam in good form of my career.i will play from indian ranji team . if i wont able to play for my country . definetly i will play from indian ranji team.
Mukesh Jha on Sun, 15th Nov 2009 8:59 am
Bardanji,Just curious, where are you in US? here is my email: mukeshengineer@gmail.comCell: 720-352-7716. Let’s be in touch if you are in CO?Hoping to hear back from you soon…Thank youMukesh Jha
subodh ghimire on Sun, 15th Nov 2009 9:33 am
i accept comment from aamir akhtar we should change roy bcoz he is quite inexperience in this new format of t20 match so captain cant bring that a massive change in a game like t20 need a strategy .
Bardan Chalise on Mon, 16th Nov 2009 10:16 pm
I am in Dallas but i have lots of family and friend in Denver, CO. I have been there couple of times.
rajseh giri on Thu, 19th Nov 2009 3:43 pm
guys i don’t have any coments but i just wanted to tell u be honest be awesomelet interduce our country is nepal……?i used to love cricket before and i tryed for netional player but i have no idea why they never took me over..then after that i realised everything is money ……….o ya it’s true..but guys when i get back to my country nepal i will try again

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